The Hour of Beauty

An analysis
for adults + children older than 8

What is beauty in theatre? What in music? Silence or noise? System or chaos? Are funny things beautiful, too? Or is beauty always a little sad? Can beauty be created intentionally? Can failure be beautiful? Or do you fail at the mere wish to be beautiful? Is it always the same thing that is beautiful or can only surprise be? Are the Fine Arts fine, even full of beauty? Do you need to struggle for beauty? Or does beauty only come with effortlessness? Is there something like the ultimate beauty at all? Or is the perception of beauty different for every person? And who decides on what is beautiful anyway? It doubtfully is the artist, since there is nothing more ridiculous or tragic than an artist who alone is convinced to do something beautiful. So the audience have to decide – a question of beauty or, well, not.

This hour is about the search for beauty, about an analysis: Uwe Schade with his beautiful cello and Torsten Schütte with what the moment beautifully hands to him – these two dare to confront it. Empty space and the hour ahead, they have to cope with tasks; and since it is questionable if beauty is repeatable, these tasks are always being renewed concerning their combination. The audience take part in the selection and combination, they know the tasks, they can wish for certain things and in the end they can judge by using coloured marbles: was there anything beautiful?

Rules of the Game: Elisabeth Bohde
Helping Ear: Matthias Kaul
Play: Torsten Schütte
Cello: Uwe Schade
Costume Design: Gesine Hansen

Funded by Stadt Flensburg + Land Schleswig Holstein + Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. + der Hamburger Kulturbehörde