„Do not disturb!“

Playing the cello is easy
A musical autobiography for children aged five or more

Playing the cello with big bear paws – is surprisingly easy; if only there wasn’t that sweet scent in the air …

Rosining the bow
Positioning the chair
Reading music
Practising –

A man plays the cello and we hear the music of his life: the child, the bear, the fool, the dreamer, the tempted – the man.
The man who actually intends to practise is distracted, disturbed. The telephone rings, he is thirsty, somebody is at the door, he suddenly notices how messy the room is, the cat needs feeding, the neighbours are making a racket …
The attempt to practise, follow one’s own logic, create one’s own perception of time is put to the test.
The individualised perception of the practising musician is turned into an artistic device in order to illustrate the interwoven external and internal processes and set them to music.

This ‘cello lesson’ plays with our imagination and en passant opens up the gates to modern music.

By Silke Rudolph + Uwe Schade
With Uwe Schade
Composition: Oxana Omelchuck

With the kind support of Hamburger Ministry of Culture and the Hanover Region